"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life s to give it away" - Pable Picasso

Creative EnhancEment Programme

First Ever Creative Enhancement Sustainable Programme, (UAE & USA) for children and adults, based on a Custom Module, which is sensitive to each  and every students artistic needs and interest, in order to have a complete 360 degree Creative / Artistic Development, allowing them to enhance both technically and therapeutically, as a skill and as a life style, Globally!

Highlighting the Pillars and Core Beliefs of the Creative Enhancement Programme, which have been in effect since 2017 (UAE & USA).The Programme runs on 3 pillars, 1st Pillar is learning through compositions/inspirations through artworks / still life / relaistic pictures / abstracts etc., in order to learn and adopt techniques, 2nd Pillar is painting Imaginative artwork/works which allow freedom of expression and allows them to compose their own artworks and the 3rd Pillar is Experimenting/Exploring through various mediums/tools. As, the module is custom based and is executed with each students pace, interest, ability, capability and willingness, therefore, involve individualistic goals with custom timeframes. Art is extremely personal and subjective therefore, the Programme is sensitive to each students need and interest, in order to have a complete 360 degree Creative Development, while keeping in line with new developed techniques from around the world both technically and therapeutically. And at the same time not just limited to that as the scope of the Studio widens with therapeutic art practices as per need as well.

The Studio has been consistently striving for “EXCELLENCE”, the Beginners/Young Artists/Adult Artists/Students have not only been growing artistically but also embodying the spirit of an entrepreneur, with a mindful attitude towards people and environment, while being conscious of their innocence as well as fun/play with art. In order to provide the Best State of Art Custom module, the Creative Enhancement Programme has been upgrading with the ever evolving generation as well as influential factors from the environment, along with development of “Unique Art Workshops” for adults in addition to pre-existing Programme for Adults Artists/Students as well. The structure of the module and workshops adopted has been very well crafted and backed by research. One of the major influence on the program has been “ONESIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL”, therefore being there for each and every Young Artist, Adult Artist/Students needs, interest, abilities, capabilities and willingness artistically, to the best of Studio’s abilities and experience/scope of work. Another major influence on the Programme, has been the experience gained from interacting with over 140 nationalities and cultures whilst travelling over 120 destinations across the globe, along with Highly Professional Management Roles within the leading companies around the world e.g. Emirates Airline, Taj Group of Hotels & Resorts, University of Huddersfield UK to mention a few, with emphasis on research and development / execution along with20+years experience in the art field, as a Practicing Professional International Contemporary Artist.

Launched in March, 2022, The Studio, Welcomes their very own IN HOUSE - ONLINE ART GALLERY! “E11 Gallery”, (Eleven Gallery),  an Art Gallery Featuring and Showcasing inspirational Aspiring Young Artist Globally, with their artworks / paintings created at their truest moments. As well as supporting the Eligible Young Artist/Adult Artist/Students from the studio, by providing them with the  opportunity to exhibit paintings once a year under the Programme, to be exhibited towards the end of the year, Certificates provided.  The Gallery is based on the concept and belief, that, its vital for embodying the spirit of a Young Artist to learn practically through Art Exhibitions (digital/physical), along with learning techniques, expressing visually, exploring, experimenting and building confidence.

With a vision to provide better and cutting edge quality of sustainable Art Programmes for over all development and empowerment of each and every individual engaged with the Studio, we humbly, look forward to seeing the budding Young Artist/Adult Artist/Students at the Studio, for a beautiful today and an even better tomorrow!

“As an artist I feel drawn to share my knowledge with the world; be it children or adults, I feel a sense of responsibility to offer guidance and teach; I believe that any form of creative expressions can enhance mental health and wellbeing. The creative enhancement program involves custom made modules keeping in mind each individuals needs and interest. Pushing the boundaries of traditional art media, by encouraging the students to explore their imagination and experiment with wide range of materials with ease, to learn techniques. While focusing on the creative process rather than the final product, to inspire students to create without fear and limitations, resulting in a steady paced growth and development in their unique painting styles."


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Intuitive Painting
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Perspective Painting
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