"Best  Of Both The Worlds" - 2022 and ongoing

These works are dedicated to world of realism as well as abstract within the same painting.

The inspiration behind these beautiful scenes within this collection, is from my undying love for sea and ocean, since i was a child. Sea is one of the places, I go, to heal, think, meditate and cleanse. The beauty of that moment never leaves my senses. Along with accepting the imperfections of life and looking at situations/moments of life from a higher state of mind, which is represented by the abstract and cracks!!! Therefore, named "Best Of Both The Worlds".

Technically, going back into history of how this series, "Best Of Both The World's", started, all through my journey as an artist and as a mentor, if there was one thing that really stood out was a set of students/artist who loved creating realistic works and another set of students/artist who loved creating abstracts, its been like the perfect black and white combination. Instinctively, my main role as a mentor, was to provide a balance to both the set of students/artists, so, the realists could imagine and create abstracts and abstract artist could learn & create realistic works, while perusing their individual creative strengths, to have a 360 Degree Creative Development as well to learn to be okie with the grey areas of life! Little did i know, that it was the balance I seeked in my life too, and that's been a long journey!!To be able to paint a subject magnificently beautiful and perfect, that holds my eye (which has been extremely rare) with an element that allows me to be imperfect and acceptable, is what this new collection is all about!


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