“Mind & Soul” - 2008-2014- Acrylic/Charcoal- is a specially dedicated to celebrating femininity, different phases in an ever evolving women’s life and what lies beyond is the intensity of the subject matter that she tries to express. Passion, confidence, vision and determination of a strong woman going against the norms to achieve her goal and purpose in life, the intensity of that struggle and the self- introspection that takes place during that struggle, is what she personally experiences and has seen in most women trying to reach their potential as a part of the human race. There are women in-spite of having the right education and exposure yet do not have the confidence to take the risk and follow their dreams. What she says is if she is able to inspire even 1 out of 100 women, to have the confidence and take the plunge in their life to chase their dreams, then it’s a step forward towards their purpose. Having said that, it’s more about each human understanding their individuality, realizing and reaching their full potential.

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