“Meditation”- 2018-ongoing:- Watercolour/Coffee/Acrylic/Ink

This series is a result of meditative and energy healing practices (reiki, quantum and intuitive healing), that, leads to a calmness that allows space for creativity to grow and brings about clarity in vision. It is nature that she connects with at this stage and the gratitude she experiences towards the elements of the environment, which are otherwise, ignored, is what she has expressed in these works. Inorder to create these works, Kim uses watercolor , coffee, acrylic and  ink as a medium on canvas textured paper. Botanical art is painting of leaves and trees to as true as it could be. These are plant portraits. More emphasis is placed on the aesthetic value of the plant or leaf or flower. The leaves she  chooses  are the ones from her garden like mango tree leaves, desert rose leaves, money plant leaves etc. the ones she  finds herself most connected to. She blends in reality with the beautiful vibrant abstract. These works came to her intuitively says Kim, once she starts it just flows like a life force.