“Fragmented Transmutation” series - 2018 and on going

Transmutation is a metamorphosis. It is to change yourself to a completely different form and substance, to change the state of being of your nature. The birth of this series was to share her response to life altering experiences, that changed her in significant ways. When she finally took the leap of awareness in the presence of genuine support, that authentic experience broke all patterns for her and she started to experience life in a different light. How all those elements react with each other and played along is what she has tried to visually express. During that journey she decides to direct her mind, soul and being towards positivity, that brings her infinite abundance of creativity and life, through energy healing practices like reiki, quantum and intuitive healing. Understanding that all one needs is love, genuine love, love for oneself and love for others, love that is intoxicating and love that is stabilizing, love as we live it not as we know it! That has brought about a change, which is on going!  In these works, Kim uses acrylic as the base, adopting gestural abstraction and drip as few of the techniques, along with brush, sponge and palette knife to create the layers, giving a 3d texture with intentional cracks creating depth and signifying a special meaning. These works explore the multi-dimensions of consciousness in human awareness with its external and internal stimuli. Led by intuition, ability to let go, need for minimalism, love and trust which forms the bases of this concept and design.