“She, You, Her and Me” series - 2022 and on going

Kim has been creating paintings dedicated to "Feminism", since 2008, as a multidisciplinary artist, she has used various forms of mediums to express and have a visual dialogue publicly in this matter.

Over the years while travelling the globe, she realized the challenges were not limited to just her. That It isn't an issue of Feminism any more, its, actually human crisis cause majority of beings go through issues with self-validation which comes from non-acceptance due to cultural, societal and parental influences/suppressions across cultures and countries. Therefore, the empathy extended is towards anyone who experiences or have experienced it in their entire lifetime.

she adds, "Acceptance of our being in all & as who we are, is the subject matter, not about being better than anyone, rather identifying & understanding our differences & appreciating those, along with accepting our uniqueness and individuality, in a hope to spread the message that, "You are not alone".

In her words, "One of the things we do as humans is we underestimate the power of love and magic that lies within ourselves! Lets start to acknowledge and accept that beauty that lies within us first!".

As a, woman this is my contribution towards spreading love and light.

"SHE, You, Her and Me", is all about celebrating you, her and me.....with all our nuances!!!


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